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The Public Petition dated 11-11-1839 initiated the establishment of Madras University. It was in January 1840 with Mr.George Norton as its President, that the University Board was constituted. In 1854 after a lapse of 14 years, the Government of India formulated a systematic educational policy for India and as a sequel to this on 5th September 1857 by an act of legislative council of India the University was established. The University was organised in the model of London University.

Madras University is the mother of almost all the old Universities of southern India. The University area of jurisdiction has been confined to, however, 3 districts of Tamil Nadu in recent years. This is consequent to establishment of various universities in the State and demarcation of the University territories. This University has been growing from strength to strength while widening its teaching and research activities.



Course Hightlights:

Post Graduate


  • M.A. – Continuing Education Management
  • M.Sc (Anatomy) (3 Year Course) – Faculty of Medicine
  • M.Sc.Neuroscience (2 year course) – Faculty of Medicine
  • Anatomy – Core Papers to Other Department Students – .M.Sc. Physiology and M.Sc. Microbiology
  • Elective courses to students of other departments
  • M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry
  • M.A Ancient History and Archaeology
  • M.A. Public Administration [Tamil Medium] (2-years 4-semesters, Choice Based Programme)
  • M.A. in Public Affairs (2-year, 4-semesters, Choice Based Programme)
  • M.A. Post Modern Development Administration from the year 2009. Five Year Integrated Course – (5-years, 10-semesters, Choice Based Programme)
  • Two-year M.A. Programme in Anthropology
  • Five-Year Integrated M.A. Programme in Anthropology
  • M.Sc Applied Geology

M.Phil Courses


  • Continuing Education Management (Full Time/Part Time)
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Ancient History and Archaeology
  • Public Affairs (1 Year 2 – Semesters, Choice Based Programme)
  • Arabic
  • Urdu
  • Bio Chemistry
  • Botany
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • South & Southeast Asian Studies

Diploma Courses


  • Travel and Tourism Management (Self Supportive mode)
  • Diploma Course in Arabic
  • Diploma Course in Urdu
  • Diploma / Certificate in Herbal Biotechnology
  • French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • DCP (Diploma in Clinical Pathology)
  • Diploma in Manuscriptology in Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • Telugu

P.G Diploma Courses


  • Extension and Development Administration (Regular Mode)
  • Ethics and Human Resource Management Eligibility : any Bachelor’s degree
  • Ethics and Biotechnology Eligibility : any Bachelor’s degree
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Parent Counseling (Part-Time; Evening Classes) Any graduate is eligible (Parents, Working Teachers, Principals or School Correspondents)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (Add-on Course, for the P.G. Students of University Departments and Affiliated Colleges)
  • P.G.Diploma in English Skills and Knowledge Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Learning Disabilities (2006-2007)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Organizational Development and Management of Change (since 2009)
  • Add-on P.G.Diploma in Saiva Siddhanta(Part-time)
  • P. G. Diploma in Yoga Therapy
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Manuscriptology & Editing
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Folkloristics & Mass Media
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Inscriptions & Cultural Studies.

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