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Nepal  Sanskrit University, the then Mahendra sanskrit University established in 1986 under Mahendra Sanskrit Act 2043, was established with the objectives to systematize Sanskrit education up to higher level, to preserve and promote its  achievements , and develop Nepal  into a centre for learning  Sanskrit language and literature. Nepal Sanskrit University aims at producing qualified scholars to safeguard national culture and produce competent men power in Aurveda, Jyoutisha, Yogic Sciences, and naturopathy along with Sanskrit Scholars to meet the national and  international need. NSU runs classes in modern subjects like Nepali, English, Economics, Mathematics, Political Science and Pure science keeping view with the demand of time and need of the country. Apart from regular programmes ,Nsu  runs mini research along with PhD progrmme. Research Center , a separate wing  to carry research work , has been set up in Kathmandu .

Central Office:


The central office of the university is situated at Beljhundi , 16 kilometers west of Gorahi,the district headquarter of Dang. The central office owns 342 Bighas of land donated by various donors and 1336 Bighas of fertile land at Deukhuri, Dang. University Vidyapeetha, Central library,Hostel, and Trilokeshwar Shivalaya have added additional beauty to the central office. Its liaison office is at Basantapur,Kathmandu.


Academic Program

Nepal Sanskrit University runs classes from Uttermadhyam level to Masters Level in different subjects .Along with academic classes it conducts long term and short term research works, trainings, and Ph.D programs. Following are the academic programs.

Shastri Level (three year):

On the basis of the major subjects in Uttermadhyama level, students chose any two subjects, one from group A and one from group B, as their major subjects in Shastri level.


Following is the course structure in Shastri level.



Group ‘A’

Group ‘B’


VedaNavya Vyakarna


P. Jyautisha

Prachin Nyaya

Navya Nyaya



Shankar Vedanta





Bauddha Darshan

Prachya Rajshastra





Political Scie. Economics Mathematics




Sanskrit  Rachana


One year B.Ed Programme: NSU runs One Year B.Ed in different subjcts to address the national need in educational field. Following are the subjects that students study in this programme.


Optional Compulsory Extra Optional
Sanskrit2.    Nepali

3.    Social Studies

4.    English

5.    Mathematics

6.    Science

Education SanskritNepali




Nepal Sanskrit University has  run B.A.M.S(Bachelor of

Ayurveda  Medicine and Surgery) under Institute of Ayurveda.

Students with Uttermadhyama or ISC equivalent certificate can

Compete  B.A.M.S . entrance exam. Following is the course structure

of B.A.M.S.

NSU is going to run B.A.M.S class in central Ayurveda College as its

 constituent college in Dang from the academic year 2069/2070 and

 Milthila Ayurveda College, Janakpurdham has already been

running B.A.M.S as an affiliated college.


Bachelor of Aurveda (B.A.M.S)


1.    Sankrit Language

2.    History of Aurveda

3.    Padarthavijnan

4.    Sharirachavijnan

5.    Sharirakriyavijnan

6.    Swasthabritta

7.    Dravyagunavijnan

8.    Rashastra & Vaishajyakalpana

9.    Agadatantra & Vyabaharayurved

10.  Rogvijnan & Vikritvijnan

11.  Kayachikitsa

12.  Shalyatantra

13.  Shalakyatantra

14.  Kaumaravritya

15.  Prasutitantra & Strirogavijnan

16.  Sanhita (Charakasanhita & Ashtangasangraha)

17.  Internship Training


Affiliated Vidyapeeth and Colleges

S.N  Name of the Vidyapeeth and address Programme Contact  Telephone
1 Radhadamodar  Sanskrit Vidyapeeth,Keladighat, Syangja Uttermadhyama/ Shastri 063-429302
2 Mahesh sanskrit Gurukulam, Devghatm Tanahu Uttermadhyama/Shastri/Acharya 056-620426056-621274
3 Saraswoti Sanskrit vidyapeeth, Manigram, Rupandehi Uttermadhyama/ Shastri
4 Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Dharan, Sunsari Uttermadhyama 025-520716
5 Paramananda Sanskrit Gurukulam Vidyapeeth, Devghat, Tanahu Shastri
6 Panchthar Multiple Campus, Phidim, Panchthar One Year B.Ed 024-520159
7 Kapilvastu Multiple Campus, Taulihawa, kapilvastu One Year B.Ed 076-560181
8 Banepa Campus, Banepa,Kabhrepalanchowk One Year B.Ed 011663447
9 Uttam Dhanwantari College , Gaur, Rautahat One Year B.Ed 055520965
10 Active Academic College, One Year B.Ed
11 Mithila Ayurvedic College and Research  Center, Janakpur B.A.M.S 041-692346

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Our address

Beljhundi-22412, Nepal
28.0956635, 82.36417510000001

Opening Hours

10 AM - 5 PM
10 AM - 5 PM
10 AM - 5 PM
10 AM - 5 PM
10 AM - 5 PM

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