Hot-Air Balloon Festival Karnataka

Hot-Air Balloon Festival Karnataka is a four days long festival, to enjoy a fun-filled year end by relaxing on lush green grounds and watching colorful serene hot air balloons floating in the airy sky above you then go to Karnataka in the end of year. Karnataka Tourism is all set to organised a grand Hot Air Ballooning Festival starting from December to January of every Year. This mega-event will take place in three different regions Mysore, Hampi and Bidar, where several hot-air balloon enthusiasts from India and abroad will be participating.

Free from all flying above in the sky in a big bucket with the colorful balloon which takes you high, and you swing with the wind, screaming in sheer delight. Now turn to Karnataka where Hot-air Ballooning festival takes place in the three cities at the same time; Hampi, Mysore and Bidar.

This is a four days long event which is largely visited and participated by the people of India and overseas who are about to fly here to witness this famous aero sport in India. Its grandness can be imagined as it is being organized in different places as a mega event. And if the celebration is large so its significance increases similarly, In order to give the opening to the adventure sport in Karnataka it is first initiative made by Karnataka tourism Department by organizing the Hot Air Ballooning festival.

Since the dawn of time, humans have been intrigued by the mystery of flight and the apparent magic that allows birds to take to the air and soar for hours. Hot air balloons use simple principles from physics to create the serene sense of natural flight. These balloons are based on a very basic scientific principle – warmer air rises in cooler air.

The sheer experience of flying high in the sky in a huge basket attached to a colorful and gigantic hot-air balloon is breathtaking! So experience the ceaseless beauty and get a birds-eye view of the world by taking a hot air balloon flight during the festival.

From the ancient times, man has always been fascinated by the mystery of flight and since then he has tried to find ways to fly by inventing several flying machines. The Hot-air Balloon is one of the oldest forms of natural flight which involves some of the very simple and basic principles of flight. Hot-air balloons are based on the principle ‘warm air rises in cool air’.

Hot-air Ballooning Festival of Karnataka is the perfect occasion for hot-air balloon enthusiasts who can experience the magnificent view and beauty of Karnataka by the means of hot air balloon flight during the Hot-air Ballooning Festival of Karnataka.

Top 6 things to knowHot-air Ballooning Festival of Karnata

How To Rise The Balloon: In a hot air blow up, a gas burner is utilized to warmth air to a temperature of around 212°F (100°C). Since hot air is lighter and less thick than the cool air around the blow up, the warmed air causes the entire inflatable to rise.

Most Attraction In This Festival: In the event that you need to appreciate a fun- filled year end by unwinding on lavish green grounds and viewing vivid tranquil hot air inflatable’s coasting in the breezy sky above you then Karnataka is the spot to be. 

Festival Locations In Karnataka: Karnataka Tourism is all situated to arrange a terrific Hot Air Ballooning Festival. This mega-event will take place in three different regions Mysore, Hampi and Bidar.  

Adventure and Flying festival: Hot Air Balloon Karnataka festival is an adventure and flying festival. It Organizes to encourage the Youth Generation for a adventure sports. It is very famous and favorite thrilling Sport.  

You Must Attend This Festival: Attending the Hot-Air Ballooning Festival in Karnataka is going to be an interesting and engaging affair for all the sky lovers. This festival is celebrated on a huge scale, as it fills the sky with colors of happiness, fun and joy.

Best Time To Visit Karnataka: This is the best time for you to plan a trip to Karnataka and treat your senses to some real life experiences by making this exciting activity a part of your wish-list. Hot-Air Ballooning counted as one of the best adventure sports in India, it is on its way to become famous day by day. This is a four days long event which is largely visited and participated by the people of India and overseas.  Dec to Jan of every year

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