Dubai going to build new tower to surpass Burj Khalifa

Developers have announced plans to build a new tower in Dubai to surpass the Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest skyscraper, property developer Emaar said Sunday. Emaar Properties has not announced the height of the proposed tower, saying only that it would be “a notch” taller than the Burj Khalifa’s 828m (2,717ft). The viewing tower will cost around $1 billion (880 million euros) and will be “a notch” taller than Burj Khalifa, Emaar chairman Mohamed Alabbar told reporters as he revealed details of the project. But he said that the final height will be announced upon completion, adding that his company would like to present the tower as a “gift to the city before 2020,” the year Dubai hosts the world Expo trading fair. Designed by Spanish-Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava Valls, the tower will have observation decks, in addition to 18 to 20 mixed-use floors that will host restaurants and a boutique hotel, Alabbar said. Burj Khalifa is 828 metres (2,700 feet) high and it cost $1.5 billion to build. It was opened in January 2010. Alabbar described the new structure as an “elegant monument” which would add value to property being developed by the company along the city’s creek. “Many would like to have a view” when considering buying a property, he said. The tower will be slender, evoking the image of a minaret, and will be anchored to the ground with sturdy cables, Emaar said. Dubai has established a reputation for building dozens of futuristic skyscrapers, which have transformed its skyline. Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Holding is building a tower in Jeddah that is planned to surpass Burj Khalifa, rising more than a kilometre. Worlds Tallest Tower

Main Point to Know:

  • It will be world’s highest building in Dubai.
  • Cost of the project is proposed $1bn (£710m) to be completed for the Dubai Expo trade fair in 2020.
  • It is expected to have residential units, a rooftop courtyard and a hotel.
  • The new tower is designed by Spanish-Swiss neo-futuristic architect Santiago Calatrava Valls and will be supported by a matrix of cables.
  • The structure’s design means that it is unlikely to be widely recognized as a taller “building” than the Burj Khalifa even if it surpasses it in height, Associated Press reported.
  • The construction will be the centre piece of the redevelopment of the Dubai Creek, the heart of old Dubai. It will also have observation decks and restaurants.

The announcement from the government-backed company comes as developers continue to launch new projects amid what experts are saying is a softening real state sector.

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